Top 5 Donut Shops of the South Coast

If you are looking for the perfectly made donut on the South Coast, look no further! We have lined up and researched the top five donut shops, at your fingertips. No matter which flavor you are in the mood for, pick up one of these local treats nearby. Not only are you helping support small businesses, but your sweet tooth will thank you!

The Donut Factory, Fairhaven – 

If you are a donut foodie and have not checked out this shop in Fairhaven, you are missing out! Every piece of pastry and dessert is handmade with care. Owner Jackie Webb-Pinheiro’s always loved expressing herself creatively, applying trends and modern twists to every piece. Her most popular flavors include Maple Bacon Walnut, Smores, Key Lime Pie, and Peanut Butter Cup. A plethora of gourmet donuts has earned her first place for overall presentation at the Taste of SouthCoast 2017. Webb-Pinheiro has also received glowing reviews from The Phantom Gourmet. Check out her website to stop in for one of her one of a kind creations!

USA Homemade Donuts, New Bedford – 

Another friendly competitor of The Donut Factory is its close neighbor, USA Homemade Donuts. Praised to be “fluffier” than most other donuts, you can probably have two…or three! USA creates a comforting atmosphere with attentive service, which brings patrons coming back for more. Owners Henry (son) and Solynna (mother) sprinkle in some Southeast Asian flavor, a region near and dear to their hearts. Solynna and her husband, Dan, met separately in the United States after fleeing the Communist regime in Cambodia. Stop by USA Homemade Donuts to catch a little flair for yourself!

New England Homemade Donuts, Fall River –

New England Homemade Donuts is another family-owned donut shop pumping out fresh morsels out of Fall River, Massachusetts. Some of their classic flavors include glazed, jelly, Boston cream, chocolate frosted, and chocolate cake donuts. Don’t forget their donut holes! They also have many other specialties like Bear claws, cinnamon rolls, apple fritters, Long Johns, and one of their most coveted, a “kolache.” Now what is a kolache you ask? It’s a traditional Czech donut made specifically sweet or savory. Owners Cheng and Chua worked in donut shops in Texas and California, where they learned how to bake these delicious bites! Check out their brand new creations, or grab a refreshing iced coffee to wash it all down!

Leddy’s Bakery, Fall River – 

Passing on a legacy, Lindsey and Norman Bessette have inherited this charming donut shop in Fall River. After 40 years, the original owners Olivia Corga and Rose Garcia have been lifelong “donuteers.” As they keep the business going, they’re most known for their homemade whipped cream pastries, donuts and pies. They’re known for selling out on their pies every holiday season, with a whopping 3,000 count sold! This donut shop is a staple in the Fall River community. For friendly service passed down through generations, keep the legacy going and visit Leddy’s today!

Town Donut Shop, Dartmouth – 

Town Donut Shop’s owner Anne Brum starts in the wee hours of the morning. Diligently baking, her start time goes off at around 2AM until the shop is ready for opening at 6AM. Working in the donut shop all morning into the afternoon, Anne Brum has most recently received her degree at the BCC Nursing program, on top of doing so much to bring the community together. She has headed toy and clothing drives, Walk for Hunger, among so many other initiatives. She is truly a do-it-all worker that has poured every ounce of herself back into her business. As you can see, her true passion is put right back into her donut passion, so go grab one of her most delicious morsels!

We hope you enjoy this diverse group of donut shops as you make your way into a new week!  Grab a bite and tag us in your donut adventure! #LoveSoCoLiving