re:fab- re:claim your free time

“city living, re:thought”

Leveraging expertise in residential real estate, home renovations and property management, re:fab is changing the way people live.  re:fab draws on the deep knowledge of local real estate trends and its partnership with agents able to help buy and rent single-family homes.

Located in Lakeville, MA, re:fab invests, remodels and manages a portfolio of homes working with homeowners and tenants providing service plans scheduling around routine maintenance as well as long-term emergency needs.

Realtor Avery Oldach, at Coldwell Banker ProGroup Realtors and re:fab spoke about the company deeper explaining  the business background and described business goals for the next year.  Working aside at re:fab’s sister company Coldwell Banker ProGroup Realtors, Avery has been taking the opportunity to help find homes, purchase them, recruit tenants and welcome them into homes.  Avery explained, “re:fab hopes to acquire more properties, grow its client base, and become known as the go-to company for restyled living.”

re:claim your free time

By providing regular and seasonal maintenance, as well as specialty renovation & home improvement services, re:fab allows clients to simply enjoy time at home, keeping aware that experienced and licensed professionals are proactively managing their property.

The services vary depending on the certain package.  The team at re:fab will create a different service package to address client’s specific needs.  These include lawn care visits, snow removal, pest control service, trash removal, and much more.

Are you looking to sell your home or turn it into an investment property? Call the team at re:fab to learn more, maybe even find your next home-sweet-home!


239 Main Street

Lakeville, MA 02347