Nicole & Co. Unisex Hairstyling

Meet Nicole Varieka, Owner of Nicole & Co.  With over 15 years of experience working in salons, Varieka began her journey at Paul Mitchell The School Rhode Island and later came back to Massachusetts to work and opened her business in Lakeville in 2015.

Varieka’s favorite shops in Lakeville include Between the Roses, Amazing Cakes, Lakeville Market & Liquors and Elliot Farm.

Varieka takes great pride in her salon especially the with all the fun she has with her clients and staff creating a family like environment!  “I was so fortunate to have a great group of girls by my side since the beginning.  I was also so grateful to have a strong following of clients, some have even stayed since I opened!  Varieka also explained some of the challenges she has had to face with COVID-19.  “As we had to shut down for two months, once back open appointment scheduling was tough at first.  My clients were very understanding as this became the “new normal” for everyone.”

Nicole & Co.  is a full-service hair salon for men, women and children.  Services include Cut, Color, Straightening, Waxing and more!  Nicole & Co. also specializes in Deva Curl.  This service is unique for cutting curls individually.

In the neighborhood?  Visit Nicole & Co. today!

Nicole & Co.

71 Main Street

Lakeville, MA 02347

(508) 923-9638

Facebook: @NCo71