Keep America Beautiful Month

Keeping The South Coast Beautiful

It’s April! That means the flowers are starting to bloom, the sun is starting to shine, and brighter days are ahead. April also means it’s Keep America Beautiful Month; and since we live in the beautiful South Coast, we love taking this opportunity to preserve its charm. With so many beautiful lakes, ponds, trails and ocean around us, it’s important to take the time to maintain its cleanliness. Below are some great ways to help out in this process. Take a peek! 

The Great Massachusetts Cleanup

This cleanup takes place every year across Massachusetts in association with Keep America Beautiful Month. Volunteers in local communities organize groups to partake in litter cleanups, park maintenance, tree planting, and other community service projects. These cleanup events can be scheduled any time of the year, but more so occur in early spring when temperatures are ideal to work outdoors and there is less vegetation. Consider gathering some neighbors and host a socially-distanced cleanup event this month! Be sure to register your cleanup event here and, if needed, the Keep Massachusetts Beautiful organization will provide safety t-shirts. 

Beautification & Community Greening –

Consider sprucing up public places in your community. Litter-free environments, eye-catching landscaping, and tree-lined streets are not only nice to look at, but they also attract more people to the area and the businesses around it! This month, consider beautifying your community through the Adopt-A-Spot program. This program allows community members (“adopters”) to create flower beds, plant trees, shrubs, and flowers in highly visible areas of town. For more information on Adopt-A-Spot and other similar programs, click here

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle –

Take some time this month to get into new habits of reusing items that you would normally throw away, and learning what items can properly be recycled. Upcycling can be fun too! What better way to kick a plastic habit? Keep in mind that recycling reduces the amount of waste in landfills, conserves natural resources, prevents pollution, saves energy, and so much more. For more information on products that can be recycled and other benefits, visit the US Environmental Protection Agency’s article on the US Recycling System.

Donate to Keep Mass Beautiful –

The Keep Massachusetts Beautiful program is dedicated to inspire, educate, and empower volunteers and leaders to keep Mass communities clean and green! By supporting their efforts and donating to this cause, you’re paving way for a more beautiful tomorrow. Interested in donating? Visit their donation page here

Whether you choose to begin a new habit of recycling, or organize a group cleanup, your efforts will be appreciated! Let us know how you’re keeping the South Coast beautiful this month. Tag #LoveSoCoLiving in your posts! 

*Photo of Kilburn Mill from IG: @thekilburneventcenter