International Yoga Day with Divine Yoga Studio

Find Your Peace with Divine Yoga Studio

Everything opening up all at once may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Take time to unwind and find your inner peace. We asked Nicole Cleary of Divine Yoga in Fall River what she thinks are the best techniques for finding balance and managing stress. Read on to find out how you can incorporate yoga into your everyday routine to help you both physically and mentally!

More than 10 years ago, Nicole’s business partner Pam started community yoga classes under South Coast Yoga. She believed that all benefits of yoga should be readily available for all to experience. South Coast Yoga transformed into Zen Revolution, an all encompassing initiative that went beyond just classes. Zen Revolution hosts retreats, brings the community together, and overall promotes healthy living both physically but mentally. Pam and Nicole were both certified instructors at the already existing Divine Yoga Studio, which they finally purchased in 2019. 

The fire behind their mission is very simple: helping people find their zen. Nicole says that there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing people truly transform. As yoga instructors, even the tiniest of micro-adjustments can make the whole difference for a student. She explains that there’s nothing that makes her happier than helping someone get to that moment of pure peace and clarity!

When asked about her tools to tackle stress, Nicole says, “Whatever it is that’s causing you stress I want you to think about it, give it a name and then visualize it outside of your mind, outside of your body, outside of yourself. Whatever it is, it’s not a part of you, it’s outside of you. Once you realize that, it’s taking the steps to face it.” What a great mind-body connection exercise!

She also adds that even though their studios shut down during the pandemic, she could always come back to her practice, back to her mat! You can get up and start doing yoga anywhere, making it one of the most convenient, stress relieving and freeing exercises you can do. 

Divine Yoga fosters healthy well-being, connects students and teachers, and brings the community together. The yoga community welcomes you with open arms and encourages positivity both inside and outside the studio. Divine Yoga offers classes for all levels, whether you’re taking your first class or looking for a challenge! Nicole and Pam’s studio uses traditional vinyasa methods, which means each movement is deliberate and meant to optimize your breath. The studio is also heated to de-stress, increase flexibility, and overall just make you feel warm and invited!

Want to try it out for yourself?

Divine Yoga is holding a special Yoga at the Fort Outdoor Series every Saturday, Sunday and Thursday at 8:30am at Fort Phoenix in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. Walk-ins are welcome or participants can sign-up and pay in advance at Classes are just $10 drop-in rate, or $85 for a 10-class package (sold online only). Check out their website for more information on classes. We hope you get the chance to de-stress and try out some of Divine Yoga’s practice! Don’t forget to follow them on social!